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Rachel's Essentials

Mystery Tumbler Game (free shipping)

Please read ALL terms!
This is for a mystery tumbler GAME that we will do live.
Please try to be available the day we do this as you will get 1 chance to trade your tumbler choice. If you are not in the live, you will get the tumbler picked. 
I will announce in my FB group when we will do this live, so try to check back. I'll also post in the group chat we have for "quick updates". If you need help finding this, let me know.

If you purchase this with other items, it will be refunded - because of how we do this game and how quickly we ship, it needs to be in a separate purchase. 

Here is how it will go;
Below, you will choose a number from what is left in the list. When we do the game, this is the number I will grab from premade tumblers for you.
If you like that one, that is what I will send out. If you don't, you can trade it for a preselected tumbler. You only get 1 trade.
If you choose to trade, the one you don't want will then be the trade option for the next person. We will continue with this method throughout the rest of the game. 

I will call names in the order in which tumblers were purchased so please be patient as I get through the list. 

Some will come with a discount to the website inside, as well as an added bonus!
There will also be 1 blank tumbler. The winner of this can choose from ANY of my tumbler wrap options. 

No cancellations after your purchase or if you don't like the one chosen from you. It's a mystery!
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