Instructions for HTV

These HTV transfers can go on any cotton, polyester and cotton polyester blends. 
HTV can be used on a variety of other materials as well, but since I have not personally tried them, I can’t speak on what or how, so these instructions are strictly for clothing. 
Most transfers (excluding customs) will come weeded. Some may *not*, depending on the difficulty of the design.
If they do not come weeded, it is most likely because they are easier to do reverse weeding.
Customs, do not come weeded. So if you sent in a custom design, I will do a lift test on one of them to make sure the cuts are ok and then place that area back down. 
These come with NO transfer mask.
You will need to provide your own mask (I suggest medium to high tack) OR there is a listing on my site, for a 12x12 transfer mask.
These can be used up to 15 times, so you won’t need 1 for every design. Just 1 for every 10-15 designs. 
*You will need to transfer your design onto a heat transfer mask and peel the backing away. (Make sure it is for HEAT transfer vinyl. Regular transfer tape WILL melt)
*Lint roll your items very well, especially if pressing on white polyester
*Prepress your garment for 5 seconds at 300 degrees
*Place your design on your garment mask side up
*Press at 300 degrees for 17 seconds, medium pressure
*Peel off mask immediately. Do not remove quickly, but no need to take too much time
*Press a second time for 5 seconds. Be sure to place something such as a teflon sheet on top of your design, to make sure it doesn’t stick to your heat plate
Do not wash or dry for 24 hours
Washing instructions
Wash inside out in cold/cool water, no fabric softener
Hang dry. 
Here is a video on how to apply your mask before applying to your garment