Instructions for sublimation transfers!

It is not recommended to use a Cricut press or iron when transferring to shirts.
These transfers should be used with a heat press for even heat and pressure.
When using a tumbler press, mug press or anything other than a heat press or shirt,
please refer to the instructions provided with your unit and/or item.

Please note that each heat press is different. Some do not distribute heat evenly or at the proper temperature. These transfers have all been tested with the times and temps below with no issues.
Please also ALWAYS store your prints in a dark dry area as humidity can ruin your design.
When pressing onto a shirt;
Shirts need to be 65% polyester or higher.
You can NOT put sublimation on high cotton. 
Sublimation does not use white ink so transfers need to be placed on top of a white background,
weather a white shirt or a bleached white spot.
They can be put on lighter colored shirts, such as light gray, light pink etc, but keep in mind this will change the outcome of the colors in your design. 
-Preheat your press to 400*
-Once preheated, pre-press your shirt for 7 seconds to remove any moisture
-Use a lint roller to remove any lint
-Place butcher paper between the 2 layers of your shirt
-Lay transfer print side down and use heat tape to tape into place
-Place another piece of butcher paper on top of your print
-Press for 60 seconds
-Remove your paper from the shirt as evenly as you can. Any movement in the paper can cause ghosting around your image.

If you would like to see these steps in action, I do not currently have a tutorial video, however YouTube will have several tutorials on sublimation! :)
If pressing one of my tumblers in a tumbler press 
-preheat to 360
-press for 60 seconds medium pressure
-rotate 180 degrees and press another 60 seconds
-press just the ends for about 10 seconds to help avoid ghosting