Can you make a custom order?
Absolutely, that's what I do! :)
99% of my orders are all from ideas from customers. I do randomly post tumblers that I have made from my own ideas, but most are from customer orders. 

How long does it take to get an order?
This will vary depending on what time of year it is and how many orders I have. 
Holiday seasons, especially around Christmas, are when orders will take a little longer than normal, so be sure to get orders in early.
Please refer to my shipping policies here

Can I pay after you make it?
I require payment at the time of order. 
I do not start any orders until they have been paid for. Please keep this in mind with time frames as well.
If you would like to do payments, you can choose this during checkout on orders $50 or more. 

How do you ship?
Currently I am shipping through UPS with 3 day priority. 

My package tracking says that it's delayed/It hasn't moved in a few days, what now?
Please note that once your item has left my hands, I am no longer in control of it. At that point, it is in the hands of the post office. 
I can not make a package arrive by a specific time. 

A package is not considered "lost" per USPS until it has sat in 1 spot and not been scanned for 14 days. 
If it has been less than that time, you can try to call the post office with your tracking number and ask what is going on. 
If it has been longer than 14 days, please contact them with your tracking number to file a claim ONLY IF you did NOT buy Route insurance during checkout. 
You were provided with Route insurance during check out. If you chose to remove this, unfortunately there will be nothing I can do and USPS will be in charge of handling everything on their end. 
If you did choose to keep this in your cart, Route sent an email to you after checkout with information on how to file a claim with them for a refund or a replacement. 

What is your return policy?
Please refer to my policy section here