How do I choose the right size?

When choosing your design, choose the size you need the LONGEST side to be. 
For example, if you have a rectangle image and you want the longest side to be no more than 4 inches, choose the 4 inch size. 
The size of the other side will depend on the shape and size of the original design. 

If you want a full sheet with no stretching, choose “best fit” This will be the largest I can make your image with no distortion.

If you need your design as a FULL 8.5x11 and do not care if it is stretched, you will need to choose custom and these instructions MUST be in the notes BEFORE checkout. Please do not choose this option and then email me as I do not check emails daily and it’s very difficult to keep everyone organized in email (Notes can be found on the cart page as you are checking out. Bottom left is a link you can click that will open this section up)
If you order a full tumbler wrap size but do not choose a tumbler wrap design, your design WILL be stretched to fit this size.
This option is intended to only be used on actual wrap designs.
If you would like to know what size you need for a shirt, I suggest Googling charts. It really comes down to personal preference, but in most cases people usually choose 8.5x11 for adult, 6x9 for youth and 6x7 for toddler. 

Here are some tips to help you get the proper size. 

The general rule is to measure the area you wish to have your design and get as close to that size as possible. 
For example, if you are wanting a design on the front of a coffee cup, measure that area only, not the entire cup, unless you’re ordering a wrap. 
I don’t charge extra to fill the page with designs. 
This means if you order a small design, lets say 2 inches for example, I will completely fill the page with as many as I can get on there, for the same set price. 
I do not however, offer multiple different designs on 1 sheet.