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*Discounted mystery cold cup wrap

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This listing is for “oops” cold cup wraps.
There is nothing wrong with these transfers, they are just from my "extra" pile, where I've printed more than I needed etc and now have more than I need!
All of these can be hand placed if needed for prints that were sized too small or too large, used as regular stickers or kept as is for YOU to sell your finished product as an “oops”, use as a sample etc

This will be a mystery design as I will not have the time to load a photo of every one, every single time. 

All transfers are done on vinyl with eco solvent ink. They are water proof, scratch and fade resistant. 

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Lins

*Discounted mystery cold cup wrap

Victoria Green

I enjoy all my discounted wraps. Few minor issues but overall great. You can still make a nice cup. If any piece of vinyl is missing or slightly torn, then hey get creative. That’s why we all here right.

Bethea Z

I would defiantly purchase again