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Rachel's Essentials

Diamond plate - vinyl pen wrap

These pen wraps are made with eco solvent on vinyl.
They are very durable and waterproof.
Each is sold separately and comes as 1.5” x 4.75”
They work well with the Inkjoy gel pens. If you are using another type of pen, it will be up to you to measure the pen and make sure they will fit your specific pen

Apply to a smooth, dry, clean surface. Press down with firm pressure.
You can apply heat from a heat gun carefully, so shrink the ends of the wrap around the ends if needed. This can also help shrink the body of the wrap to help secure it to the pen, but be mindful of how much heat you use and it could also ruin your wrap.

“Regular” backing will be printed on a white base. So any white or clear areas in your image, will be white. 

”Clear” backing will not have any white areas. White or clear areas of the image, will be clear and will show your product though these sections.
This is most commonly used when putting a wrap on a glitter base. 

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Customer Reviews

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J Allen

The wrap was perfect and the pen turned out amazing. Thank you