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*Send In Your Own Photo* - ready to press sublimation transfer print

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This listing is for a custom ready to press sublimation transfer! Perfect for your own diy projects, small business and more.

If you have your own image(s) you’d like to have printed, you can do so through this listing.

I do not make custom designs for this listing.
You will need to provide the design through the email listed below. (Designs can be ones that have been made by you, purchased through Etsy etc)

Please choose your size(s) and upload the photo you would like for that size. 
YOU WILL NEED TO ADD EACH DESIGN TO YOUR CART ONE AT A TIME if you’re doing multiple designs.
This means if you need 10 of one image all in the same size, you can add those 10, BUT if you are doing multiple DIFFERENT images or different sizes, please add each of those to your cart separately. (Contact me if you have questions) 

Please remember that I do not edit images in ANY way. They will print exactly as you see them. This means any borders you don’t want will need to be removed before sending and any images that are low quality or blurry will look the same once printed.
I can not be held responsible for blurry photos, so please be sure you are sending high quality files.

If you are new to sublimation it’s important to know that these inks are activated by heat and prefer a high percent polyester to perform at their best.
Prints may look dull when you receive them, but once pressed you will see their true colors.
It’s recommended that you press these transfers onto 65% polyester or hIgher. The lower the percentage, the more of a dull vintage look you will get.

These ready to press transfers should be pressed on shirts for 60 seconds at 400 degrees with a heat press. Any other sublimation items may require different times and temps. It is up to you to check into those with the maker of that item.
If you are using an oven, Cricut press or tumbler press, please refer to their instructions on recommended times and temps.

Please note I do not own a white toner printer, so these designs are intended to be used on light colored items, or items that are bleached for a white background (such as bleached shirts) Any areas of the design that are white, will take on the color of what you press these transfers onto.
All designs will be printed on a 8.5"x11" Asub paper, but the design itself can be sized down to any size you would like.
Please refer to the size options available in the drop down menu. If you do not see the size you are looking for, please feel free to message me BEFORE ordering, as I will add any size you’d like.

If you have a preference on a design being horizontal or vertical, please contact me or leave a note with your order, as some designs can go either way.
If you do not leave a note, I will print them the way I feel looks best.

If you are buying these transfer prints for tumblers, please keep in mind that I am not currently offering tapered prints. These will need to be used for straight tumblers.
Again, if you do not see a size you need, please message me before ordering, so I can add the size to the listings for you to order with.

Tumbler sizes are NOT meant for every design!
If you choose a tumbler size, I will stretch the design as needed, however this may result in an unpleasant look.
This is especially important on vertical designs, as they will have to be stretched horizontally. 
This size should only be chosen on FULL wrap designs or designs you are ok having stretched.

Customer Reviews

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Lexi Hurtt

Came out great

Lynn Merryman
Send your own print

It looks great. I have not had a chance to press it on the shirt yet.